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Sports betting is very popular in different parts of the world, with sportsbooks making billions annually thanks to the constant influx of bettors who want to make some profit off of any sport.

Now they can also enjoy great events to connect with the sports betting community, learn more about it and even get to know other cultures. Here we review some of the biggest sports betting events, for you.

Sports Betting East Africa Summit 2019

The Sports Betting East Africa Summit, known as SBEA, is an event that has been taking place for some time with official headquarters in Uganda. It’s aimed at the sports betting industry not only in the country but worldwide.

Many important people with experience in the world of sports betting attend, in order to teach and promote entrepreneurship in this area. Additionally, there’s debates, many exhibitions, and recreational activities.

Sports Betting West Africa Summit 2019

Also known as SBWA, it’s held annually in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s an event aimed at the sports betting sector where different issues are discussed in relation to it, as well as ideas or projects to join the area of investment and entrepreneurship of sports betting.

But they also discuss other important topics, such as the pros and cons of sports betting in different countries, debates and exhibitions.

These events are celebrated internationally, and there are some others that are held in other countries. Through these, you can get more benefit because they show you how to train yourself to start your own sports betting business, sharing the necessary strategies that bettors are encouraged to share in the event.