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Hall of Fame – 3 Best Players Of New York Yankees Everyone Used to Bet On

The MLB, is one of the best baseball leagues in the world, and it has very good players with high quality and experience, this is because within it, they must play at a high level and with great discipline. In this league, there are many teams, but there is one, in particular, that is the one we are going to focus on in this case, The New York Yankees.

The Yankees, is one of the best teams in the league, being the one that has won more World Series, 28 of them played in total, which shows that it is a team which has always had quality in the games, in its players, and its discipline.

There are players, who have taken this team to the top, and thanks to them many of the proposed achievements have been accomplished. For this reason, our team of sports experts has created a list of the best players in The New York Yankees everyone used to bet on, especially in the New York Sports betting scene, and here it is:

Babe Ruth

He has been the greatest player of the team so far, who marked an era with all his gameplay, pitching, hitting and fielding, he was an incredible player, who had his beginning with the Boston team and then step to the Yankees, where he had his best moment and showed that he was the best.

Despite some controversy going around him, Babe Ruth, later named Chase for personal reasons, was the one to beat in the baseball field and was the one to bet on if you were planning to win some cash.

Ruth, had a record of home runs in 12 opportunities, he also had a record of runs scored in 8 opportunities, which made him one of the most amazing players in the world. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936. New Yorkers loved him, and used to bet on his name as the safest bet you can make.

Joe DiMaggio

He was a great player in the team, he played with the Yankees from 1936 to 1951, during his baseball career as a rookie, he had to get away from the courts and as a curious fact, he participated in the World War I, leaving everyone who loved to bet on him a bit disappointed.

DiMaggio, was an AllStar player, who was in the top 10 of MVP for 10 seasons. He won 9 of the World Series out of the 13 years he played in the big leagues, which made him an important player with very good numbers in general.

Mickey Mantle

He was a member of the team, who had little time as a good player, but despite all that, the eight years he had, were fantastic and he hit an average of 40 home runs per year, which made him the most outstanding player of every season.

Mantle became one of the best 5 players in the American League and one of the seven players who achieved the Triple Crown, and even though all these good numbers were stopped by many injuries and problems in his legs, he was one of the audience’s favorite players to bet on in New York City.

Thanks to all these good players, as Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle and others, the Yankees became probably the best in the league, and they all marked the history of the team. The people from New York love to bet on sports, and these famous baseball players were the trend back in the golden days.