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Hello everyone, my name is Bruno Benitez and I’m the creator of Fat Baby NYC. I made this website to keep my readers informed about everything related to sports betting.

Yet, having been born in New York, I have a weakness for baseball, especially for the Yankees. So you can find much more information on sports betting related to this team especially.

Regardless though, there are many sports in the world, with different leagues, individual players, championships and so many options and features. So we will offer you the best and more detailed information for you to keep in mind when placing a bet, so you get a better outcome.

Sports are one of the most admired activities worldwide, with many passionate fans who are faithful and watch every match and competition, in which all of them offer their unconditional support.

Many people use the wisdom they have gained from being fans of a specific sport, to gain some revenue through betting on it. This is a great way to get extra income without much effort.

Obviously, it’s only recommended for people who are well informed and know about the specific sport and teams or players they will bet on. It would be useless to bet on teams or players if you don’t really know their performance, because you could lose easily.

So through Fat Baby NYC you can find all the necessary information to use as a tool in your favor when making a sports bet. Such as resources, techniques, relevant statistics and much more.

Our goal is to make all the information we provide our readers be very helpful, so it brings benefits to all of you. So far, all the support that you have given us has shown we are definitely on the right track.

We started this project a few years ago as a simple experiment, to see what could came out, among a group of geek friends with a lot of knowledge in computer science and sports fans.

As we know, when you work hard, you can achieve much more than you ever expected and Fat Baby NYC has become, not only our most precious creation but also our job, our passion. Thus every day we try to improve and grow, giving our best to all of you.

You can fully trust us, as our daily posts only have reliable and relevant information. So don’t forget to keep visiting our website and also find us through our social networks.